Why is SEO good for your business?

SEO is the best way of keeping your business open and busy 7 days a week...all year round If your website is working like the 'perfect employee' who never seems to take a break, you need to make sure it's kept busy, even in the early hours. Imagi...

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A Very Basic Introduction to SEO

Getting your website to rank high in search engines is hard, we know... but there are a few simple things that can give impressive results. If you want more friends, SEO can solve all of your problems. For those who don't know, SEO stands for Search...

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Swimming is the Thinking Mans Sport

How are the skills you need to run a business are the same as competing in a race? I was out this week and lucky enough to meet the Gold Medal winning Olympic Swimmer Adrian Moorehouse. He mentioned something that has completely inspired me in busin...

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Change your Business and Make it Better

It was just under a year ago that something suddenly became clear to me. It would change the way I looked at business forever. To offer the best service to my business customers I should be able to help not only with design, but also the way they ra...

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Update my website

Why should I Update My Website?

There are not many businesses these days that don't rely heavily on having their own website for their business. After the initial rush to get online, a lot of people fell into the trap of thinking that was all they had to do. So why is it so impor...

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10 Things People Hate About Website Designers

I stood up in front of an audience of about 60 people the other day, and asked them what things they most disliked about website designers. In no particular order, they were: 1. They always take longer than they promise. 2. They always promise ...

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Website and Email Newsletter Not Connected

If you have discovered the delights of sending out an email newsletter, you may have had the problem of how it relates to your website. The main purpose of our newsletters is to highlight certain pages on our site, and allow people to easily find th...

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How do I keep my Website Content up to Date?

One of the biggest changes in Website Design recently is the introduction of affordable Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites. This means the owner of the website can log in and edit their pages whenever they want. Gone are the days of desig...

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