How do I keep my Website Content up to Date?

One of the biggest changes in Website Design recently is the introduction of affordable Content Management Systems (CMS) for websites.

This means the owner of the website can log in and edit their pages whenever they want. Gone are the days of design agencies holding their clients ransom by charging huge fees to make tiny changes.

So now that a CMS is within everyone’s reach, the focus has moved onto the quality of the site’s design. The design is not just about the look, but the whole experience of using it.


Following this trend, our websites divide the design and the content into two different areas, and let the website join them together. This means the website owner can edit the page text and upload some pictures, but don’t have to get their hands messy with complicated code.

The other benefit is that if design changes are required in the future, we make the changes to the code and the content stays the same. A quick revamp, without the long wait.

Yeah, Yeah…but what about updating

Ok, so it won’t make your website up to date, but it will make it easier to do. A common reason for website owners not making updates is because ‘they don’t have time‘. If it only takes a few minutes a day to make some relatively big changes, its worth doing it regularly.

Keeping your website looking current and alive is a key element of having an interesting website.


An example of this is setting up a blog. If you can add something even just once a week, the valuable content on your site will grow…and grow!

Talk to anyone that knows a bit about search engines, and they will get very excited about how important it is to have good, fresh content being added to your site.

*hint* google loves it!


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