• Q. How much does it cost to design a website?

    A. Our costs for designing a website range from £1,200 to £20,000. There are many factors that impact the price of web design, including the website’s objective, size, and functionality. If you are unsure what your company should spend on web design, the best place to start is a no obligation chat so we can establish your exact requirements.

  • Q. How long does it take to build a website?

    A. Typical website build will take between 8 to 10 weeks as a minimum from start to finish. This includes the stages of discovery, flat-planning, design, development, and final testing. It can sometimes take longer due to delays in supply of content or the final proofing stage.

  • Q. What does a branding agency do?

    A. Our role as a branding agency is to create, plan, measure and manage how your business is presented to your customers. The process follows the stages of research, strategy, logo design, identity system and brand guidelines.

  • Q. Can we meet to discuss the project?

    A. We prefer to meet face to face before considering any project. If this is not possible we are more than happy to set up a Zoom meeting. Once we have enough information we can provide you with a detailed proposal. A good starting point is to fill in the Request a Quote form.


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