10 Things People Hate About Website Designers

I stood up in front of an audience of about 60 people the other day, and asked them what things they most disliked about website designers. In no particular order, they were:

1. They always take longer than they promise.

2. They always promise the earth.

3. They always use too much jargon.

4. They can never specifically back up their SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) promises.

5. Getting changes after a job is finished is almost impossible.

6. There is very little difference between all the web design companies.

7. They don’t return emails.

8. They don’t return phone calls.

9. Prices are so varied for no apparent reason.

10. They sell you things you have no real understanding of.

This was a great learning exercise, and my main focus now is to keep these points in mind at all times.

Maybe one day web designers won’t have such a bad reputation?


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