Change your Business and Make it Better

It was just under a year ago that something suddenly became clear to me. It would change the way I looked at business forever.

To offer the best service to my business customers I should be able to help not only with design, but also the way they ran their business.

Believing I was already an expert in business I never thought of getting help from someone else…oh how wrong I was!

Since taking on a Business Coach, our turnover has tripled, systems have been made more efficient, and the general way things are now done has been improved beyond recognition.

The results truly are extraordinary, and although I try my hardest to be cynical about it I continue to be amazed.

So what does this ultimately mean?

Well, its not just about having a successfully business, it runs a bit deeper than that.

If I can get the business into the habits of best practice and keep to them, then the services and products that result will be of a much higher standard.

That means Happy Clients

With our business in a cycle of continuous improvement, we can now reassure our customers that the way we do things is based on tried and tested principles.

As the number of website design companies starts to overtake double glazing salesmen…defining your unique service has never been more important.

Good at design AND business is a great combination.

If you want to find out more about the excellent business coach we use, please get in touch.


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