A G Hendy & Co

A Unique Shop and Kitchen on the South Coast

AG Hendy & Co already had a successful “offline” business. We brought them into the digital world.

It was essential to create a website in keeping with the existing theme of the business. The company owner, Alastair Hendy has painstakingly crafted a unique, Georgian experience in-store. The website absolutely had to retain that character and completely immerse the visitor.

We strived to create something unique.

The user is greeted by a full screen image, immediately inviting them to engage with the content. Despite retaining clear navigation through the main menu interface, the visitor is still encouraged to embark on a journey of discovery as they further explore the site.

Just one of Alastair’s many skills is the ability to produce stunning photographs, which of course we employed to great effect here.

All of the images on the site have been taken by Alastair himself, before being carefully selected and displayed on screen.

The results really are spectacular, combining brilliantly with the overall design of the site.

Our responsive design naturally looks fantastic regardless of screen size or the device the site is being viewed on.

Working “mobile-first”, we ensure every aspect of the website is fully functional and incorporated into smaller screen sizes before we begin coding for larger (desktop) monitors.

In short, we make your website work for all people, wherever they are, whatever they use.


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