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Streeten Design specialise in producing website designs for book publishers that are simple to use, classic in design and that promote the publishers books online.

We have recently been working on many Book Publishers Websites, who are looking to improve their websites. If you are a Book Publisher and thinking of having a re-designed new website, we can help you get your message out to the audience in the most efficient way possible.

A recently launched new website for a publisher called Nick Hern Books , has made a great influence on the way the London publisher presents their catalogue of books. They needed a website that would show all the information online about their authors and books, allowing visitors to view the bibliographic data, and even purchase books online.

Online Book Publishers Websites

Another recent book publishers website is www.obrien.ie The site gives huge amounts of useful information in a clear way, and allows the publishing staff to make regular updates to both the blog and the site pages.

Our sites are all created using your existing branding and we make sure this follows through all areas of the site. 

The quality of design is important in winning the trust of your visitors so we are here to make sure it is presented correctly.

Book Publishers Website Design Benefits

As we understand the way Book Publishing works, we can explain the benefit of having a good website. The main benefits include:

Provide current Bibliographic Data

Sell Books Online

Promote your Authors to a wider audience

Present your ‘Brand’ to the world

Build a loyal following online

Keep customers informed via Email Newsletters

Our aim for your Book Publishers Website is to create an interesting online destination that will encourage long term brand recognition and ensure increased sales and revenue.

Some sites we have built for book publishers are:









If you need a website design company who are experts at working on book publishers website design to make your book publishing website
work better for you then please contact us on 020 7631 3720 for a free consultation or use the enquiry form.


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